A photography podcast.

Developing The Frame is a technical photography podcast by a photographer, for photographers.

Developing The Frame is a photography podcast about how photographers work by analysing one frame they created.

By taking a deeper look into how a single frame of work was created, we can better understand how we work as photographers, and how you can be an even better one.


Tony Partridge / Landscape photography

Tony speaks about the importance of capturing community spirit and how to licence your images fairly.

Mitch Lowe - Violent Soho

Mitch Lowe / Music photography

Mitch speaks about how to work with musicians, life in the arts community, meeting the wider needs of festivals and more.


Paul Skinner / Film photography

I sit down with Melbourne film photographer, Paul Skinner, to talk about making your frames count, how to coordinate subjects and how he picks subjects.

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Flat Developing the frame
  • Paul Skinner

    Showcasing photographers

    Developing The Frame is about showcasing photographers by highlighting what they do best – their own personal style of photography.

Paul Skinner

Helping photographers
think about their work differently.

“Developing The Frame helped me slow down and think about what worked and what didn’t, and how I operate as a photographer in foreign settings.”

— Paul Skinner, Photographer

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